This was unreal. Okay, it was, but she couldn’t believe it honestly. One minute, she was standing tall as a puella magi, like nothing could beat her, and only cared for herself and using her magic for her own reasons. No one would get in her way or she would settle for simply killing them or something. That was that. Now…. now she was, well, dead. Of course, not by being killed, no. She would never go down that easily. To put it simply, this was her choice. Kyouko sacrificed herself for, surprising for her character too, the greater good. 

Seeing Sayaka going through the consequences of her wish awoke something within her that she had locked away. Sayaka really did remind her of those ideals she once had. That, justice, fighting for the greater good outlook she once had when she first became a puella magi. Was she really that naive back then? Not like that mattered anymore. In the end, just like her, the blue-haired girl payed for her wish and sacrificed more than what she was willing to. The only difference between them was Kyouko was able to fight through those dark emotions within her. Not much could be said for Sayaka as she gave in. …..Became who she was now. Oktavia.

Seeing the other on what she became really did it for her now. To become the enemy…. talk about horrible. Not to mention dying due to overwhelming emotions. Kyouko knew all too well on how Sayaka felt at that point and refused to let her go through it alone. The red head didn’t care if she was contradicting herself at that point. The other needed someone, a friend, anyone. Like hell she was going to let any other puella magi take her life too! Even if she was a witch!

Oh, well. It was done, but where was she now? Kyouko stood in what seemed to be an area of nothing, but white. Nothing looking like there was signs of life or death. Complete blankness. She was dead, she knew that much, but was she in heaven? Did she even deserve to go there…..? The bigger question though was…. where the heck was Sayaka?

Kyouko walked around until something that looked like a sea suddenly appeared in front of her. She was taken a back for a minute, but looked in to the water for a second. Her reflection. That’s all she saw. What was the point of this sea being here anyway? Her eyes squinted as an attempt to look harder at the body of water. Taking a second look there did seem to be someone in it now. 

Shit, don’t tell me…..” Without even a second thought, she jumped right in and swam towards the figure. Good thing she didn’t have to worry about breathing anymore.

The red head swam on until the figure became more clear to her. A certain blue-haired girl, more or less looking a little out of it, and still in her witch form. Well, human witch form. 

"Sayaka! Snap outta it!" Attempting at yelling in hopes that would be enough.